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The human organism is supremely adapted to an environment that no longer exists. Our modern world is totally inappropriate for the bodies we inhabit today. The vast majority of our health and happiness problems result from this mismatch. The solution is to find ways to recreate our ancestral environments in the modern world. 

Sadly, we don’t know where our food comes from or how to eat, we don’t how to move our bodies or stay healthy. Instead, we are pushed and pulled by people trying to sell us stuff, and influenced by those who don’t even know us or want what’s best for us.

However alarming, we will be optimistic. Machines can be fixed, and humans can be healed.

I am here to show you the way to be healthy based on universal principles of nature, evolution, practicality, and intuition. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I stand here as an honest explorer in this complicated world we live in.

“I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different” –Kurt Vonnegut

Nothing else matters if you aren't having fun. If you can learn to enjoy the process--the journey--you will love the results. I can show you how. Send me message to learn more. 


COACH/ Holistic Personal Trainer


Practicing since 2012, I have helped hundreds of people reclaim and rethink their health. I believe that fitness is a life-long journey, and creating sustainable habits will bring lasting results. My goal is simply to inspire!

Enjoy the process, and you will love the outcome! Message me for more details.



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425 359 3669

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