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Elliott is a creative, knowledgeable, supportive, and enthusiastic trainer. He listens to your goals and makes a plan for you to achieve them. Every session is different, challenging, and fun. I always enjoy our sessions and really appreciate his knowledge of the body and correct form. I know I also work much harder and get better results with Elliott than when working out on my own. I wholeheartedly recommend Elliott to anyone who wants to improve their health, strength, and overall fitness.

Melissa Lowell, Pilates Instructor

I started my journey with Coach Elliott on 8/30/2019. His approach to fitness is basic whole-body movements--an entirely different way which I have never been exposed. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his clients and that is why I am still working with him. He is patient and he knows what he is doing. I began seeing results after a few weeks as my waist measurement and weight went down. Its hard work but fruitful! Thank you, Coach for training me. Let's do this again and again! Jai Shambu!

Rijesh Shrestha, Urgent Care MD

I had been working out in Crossfit classes for years before I met Elliott. I felt like I was fit, but I was having back pain and not making any new gains. I started working out with Elliott, and, based on his functional and dynamic perspective on fitness I have had bigger gains than I have had at any time in my life. I have reached fitness milestones with Elliot that I couldn't achieve on my own. My balance is better, my chronic pain is gone. His workouts are dynamic and fun, he is a good listener and really thoughtful about my goals and how to keep workouts interesting. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about working hard and getting to a next level.

Matt Epstein, Surgeon--Greenlake Facial Surgery

Elliott is a highly motivating coach that tailors sessions to your needs and mood. He is rooted in functional movements and helping you get not only strong but improve your overall athleticism as well. on days when it feels like work to put on my gym clothes he tries to get me doing activities that feel more like play than work. Before i know it, I'm working hard and lifting heavy and I'm having fun while doing it. I highly recommend him especially if you're looking for a skilled trainer who will get you strong and lean and help you reach your goals while having fun.

Erin Stoy, Nurse Practitioner

It was such a positive experience working with Elliott --psychologically, physically, emotionally. I had been going through a tough year where I have felt beat down and powerless at times. there were moments in our training when he said " OK Lina, do this with AUTHORITY" or "Wow, you're really strong!". These words I had not felt or identified with for such a long time, and to hear someone see me as having strength, power, authority (even if it's just in my body) gave me a feeling that I needed to help me strive in other areas of my life. 

THANK YOU, Elliott--for everything you knowingly and unknowingly taught me!

Lina Rothman, Yoga Teacher

I met Elliott at the city park on Green Lake. From a card table he was showing a few handheld items used for motion oriented exercising. This caught my eye because I have some serious problems managing my movements, like, that I can’t walk heal to toe without falling over. He explained this approach as a journey to discover new ways to exercise.
My first day, on outdoor carpet surface and bare foot, I began by crawling about like a crab, left hand - right leg then right hand - left leg, sounds simple enough, but it was difficult for me. He coached me through this child-like movement. I saw how out of sync I was with just this and other basic human movement. Like squatting all the way down - I fall over or stepping backwards, I wobbled. It was easy to be discouraged, Elliot simply restarted me and directed me to the fundamental part of the movement. Elliot calmness and slow consistent explanations allowed me to perform better.  Elliott rewarded my successes and the exercises themselves were rewarding my body.
I was introduced to walking while shaking hand-held baby rattles, swinging a caveman-like club as it pulled me around, and with a seven foot rope, not for jumping but rather for dancing with. Stretching my right arm out fully would make my left shin ache. I'm starting to realize how my body connects from top-left to bottom-right, much more than I would have guessed.
Each day we started with something new as well as repeating previous exercises. And how each exercise related to one or more of my issues. I was asked to try a one-arm push-up. (ha-ha, surely you jest). He showed me how to break down the push-up into a series of steps. I still couldn’t do the  pushup but over the weeks I worked to succeed at one step at a time.
I learned hip flexors and left-right twisting done on the floor and hanging from a fixed bar. All were difficult, but each time I stretched further, twisted further, and always taking the stretches to a new limit. Next, I pushed a heave floor sled, my focus was to burst at the start, put all I had into it and go a fast as I could (ah-ha, that’s a new kind of pain).
As the weeks went by I had learn a few dozen distinct exercises, with an obvious increase in my range of motion. Hanging, jumping, carrying, bouncing and even beating a big tire to death with a bat was building my stamina. A day ago I managed five one-arm pushups. At 68 y/o am I suppose to do this. One evening my wife was rubbing my back,  (something that happens with 40 years of marriage). She says, “What’s this?”    “That is a muscle dear”.  “Well, please tell Elliott thanks for me.”

James Bitondo, Ret. Business Owner


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