Our approach is based in practicality, simplicity, and science--movement as nature and evolution provided. Focusing on optimizing these functions will yield the most results in the least time--leaving you looking, feeling, and moving your best.


We must respect our human heritage by becoming good at what we were meant to do MOST. If you take 10,000 steps every day, don't you think its important that they are optimal?

Because of chronic sitting, widespread use of detrimental footwear, and general lack of movement, people’s bodies have become highly dysfunctional and our walking patterns are wearing down joints and connective tissue.

Most of my training is geared toward making "every step stronger" utilizing SPINAL ENGINE and other principles to maximize athleticism.

It sounds odd, but training to improve gait cycle will actually improve all other actions of the body. By incorporating movement into our lifts we can minimize the risk of injury because core and spine are trained optimally.

One strange tip to improve walking and ALL core function? Crawling patterns. Hint: Infant development ;).


Running is synonymous with youthfulness, health, and athleticism. 

It is my belief that everyone can enjoy running. Most people don’t like running because they suck at it. Also, related injuries are highly prevalent, mostly because of shoes.

Did you ever hear about the wolf that tore his ACL chasing prey? Or the bear that rolled his ankle? Neither have I. Humans are not different. We shouldn’t get hurt doing what they evolved to do: RUN.

Again, blame shoes….(It’s a theme.)

Running should be a life-long practice, a continual refinement and “let go”. It is not a punishment for what you ate.

 I teach a revolutionary technique for running that is actually ancient and has always been used by the “naturals”. But only recently has the method been synchronized and explained.  The concepts are "head over foot" (pictured), "double-down pulse", and "coiling core". Video soon to come.


Learning to control and master your body-weight--in my opinion--is the most important thing, but we also must practice manipulating external objects.

Bending and lifting small objects in varying formats is something you do all the time, but also, picking up heavy things from the ground is the best way to make your entire body stronger. The heavier you lift, the more of a response there is from the body to create real change.

Lifting heavy is the best way to build muscle—if that is your goal—but it is also one of the best ways to increase bone density and strength.

The added benefit of conquering challenges in the weight room is that it builds confidence that carries over in to life. It's a competition against yourself: YOU vs. YOU!


When in real life do you pick something up and not carry it? Seldom. The whole point of lifting something is to carry it. For that reason, its role in functional training is huge.

Carrying is a strong evolutionary match to those that survived, whether it was carrying weapons or carrying resources. Nowadays, we get the benefit of improved core strength and injury resilience when we practice this.

You could argue that carrying is more crucial than lifting—as you will only pick something up once but you may carry that thing for a long distance.

The problem is that most people do the reverse: They do many lifts in one place with their feet planted and never carry. This is a recipe for getting injured in the real world because the core’s stabilizing systems are ignored.

The point is to always chase performance and function first—you will look great and get many other benefits.


Certain things are just fun and feel good. I have yet to meet a client that didn’t love throwing medicine balls or swinging workout clubs!

It was the use of our hands while walking and running upright that separated us and made us uniquely human. To be your most fit, you must train like a human and respect evolution and biology.

Swinging anything is incredibly athletic and healing to the fascia, joint, and connective tissue systems. In sport, swinging plays a huge roll. Over human evolution, our ability to wield sticks, clubs, and rocks was the difference that allowed us to hunt and survive. Swinging can also refer to one’s own body. It is a “notion” and it’s applications are broad.

The added benefit of proper training is injury prevention, beautiful, effortless movement, and overall physical resilience.


Throwing differentiated us from the apes millions of years ago on our evolutionary path to become the best movers and athletes on the planet.

Throwing is perhaps the pinnacle of human bio mechanics. When you move the way humans evolved, you will become your best self. Throwing is healing to the deep connective tissues of the body and does wonders to cure imbalances and “get out the kinks”. Few things are better for your ENTIRE JOINT SYSTEM that a well-coordinated throw.

You may begin to realize that much of the fitness industry approaches fitness from the wrong end. Isolating joints and body parts is a much smaller piece of the pie. Viewing anything in the body as individual is entirely myopic. New age training and new age thinking knows everything is connected.


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