It is my mission to help empower people. There is nothing more significant than learning to take charge of your own health. There is nothing sexier than being self-sufficient. 

The best things in life are free. Simplicity brings the greatest happiness.

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Mastering the breath is mastering life. Breathe well and you will be able to control your mental-emotional state. Conversely, disharmonious breathing is the result of all disease. Above all, oxygen is the ultimate catalyst for all cellular function and it is #1 on the survival hierarchy. You can survive only a few minutes without air.


Sleep is second only to oxygen on the hierarchy of survival. Without sleep you may only survive a few days. Chronic lack of sleep also brings with it innumerable negative consequences, including weight gain, depression, and hormonal imbalance

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Called "The most important Health Discovery ever" by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Earthing is simply time spent with direct skin contact on the Earth. Doing this, you harmonize with its natural frequencies and absorb negative ions.

This is truly one of the most powerful ways to heal your body from the damages of modern society. Humans are the only species that may go days, weeks, or years without un-insulated contact with the Earth. What are the potential ramifications of this?


The abundant source of all life and energy--we need the right amount of its exposure to thrive optimally. Believe it or not, Ancient societies practiced "Sun-gazing" looking directly in to the Sun at dawn or dusk. As a kind of spiritual practice, it was thought that through the eyes, the power and energy of the Sun was better absorbed.

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It has been said that there is nothing more like God than silence. In modern society, we are mind-dominated and overstimulated with our sense perceptions. One of the most important things is to practice awareness of ones thoughts, body, and moods. Your thoughts make your world. Adopting forms of meditation can help you create your dream life.


It has been said that through dance, you can achieve the highest enlightenment. A man who can not dance is not free.

Rhythmical movement in swinging, swaying, twirling and shaking, Tai Chi or Qi Gong are all ways to commune with your higher self or heal your body.

Dancing is not so much "what you do" but "who you are". It's a way to live life as a celebration.

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Singing, chanting, yelling, screaming....All powerful and under-utilized forms of healing and detoxification.

When was the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs? 

We are very suppressed in modern society. This is one of the best medicines--an ancient healer.


Subjecting oneself to moderate forms of ouitside stress can have many benefits, inlcuding increased oxygen uptake, detoxification, and cellular regeneration.

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Where working out spends more energy per unit of time than it produces "working in" does the opposite. Such activities actually build energy in the user, and will leave you feeling more rejuvenated afterwards. Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi-gong, Walking, even Surfing, are all such common practices.


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