Unification of Methods

These are some of the best ideas and people in the Health and Fitness industry. Much of these are on the rise, growing and trending. It is my mission to bring the best of the cutting edge.


They are a company that specializes in teaching people natural movement.

Probably the simplest and most practical system of movement training--it's practices range from crawling and balancing to throwing and catching.

A majority of what I teach is embodied in MovNat principles. "The future is ancient" and this concept is on the rise.

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"Double-Down Pulse" is the fastest way to run.

"Relate to Gait" is functional training in a nutshell.

"Spinal Engine" is the enhancement of all things athletic.

WeckMethod concepts are the future of sports-performance training.

Also, WeckMethod products are some of the most powerful tools I have ever come across.

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"Ido Portal Method"

"Move. Simply because you can." 

Ido Portal has started a revolution of acrobatics and simple human movements. His claim is that humans are the best movers on the planet, and that is the obligation of each of us to explore our potential. 


"GOATA Locomotive Training"

GOATA (Greatest Of All Time Athletes) is the science of observing human movement patterns in slow motion. They recognize and compare the identical movement patterns of crawling babies, bipedal indigenous tribes of the world as well as elite athletes. These athletes have had multi decade careers and were non-contact injury resistant.

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"Anatomy Trains" Thomas Myers

Muscles work in chains. The body is all connected. Isolating any part of the body is not only inaccurate but impossible. 

These are "Myofascial chains" drive all the big movements we evolved to do from running to throwing to lifting heavy objects.

"Fascia" is the key concept of this practice. It is the internal webbing and structure of our muscular system.

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"Functional Patterns"

The founder Naudi Aguilar and his team get amazing results helping people restore structural balance and get out of pain.

His premise is that by addressing problems in the gait cycle (walking) you can heal the person and build resilience. 

I take much of the same approach in my own training with clients. Working on these "muscle chains" is where you get the most profound change.


Dr. Perry Nickelston "StopChasingPain"

He is a master of Lymphatics: the bodies other circulatory system. It can be said that all disease is a lack of fluid movement and particular lymphatic movement. Without this, our bodies can't heal, repair, or detoxify.

I have purchased Dr. Perry's courses and they are really eye opening to the simplicity of health and the bodies amazing ability to heal itself.

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"Animal Flow"

"The difference between old and young is comfortability on the floor." Steve Maxwell Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Grand-Master.

There is something very beautiful about being self sufficient--being able to get a great workout anywhere, anytime. 

Animal Flow is the advanced practice of ground-based movement. It is incredibly effective to improve most aspects of fitness: strength, flexibility endurance, balance, and coordination to name a few.



"Strength Fixes everything."

"Strength is a skill."

"In Nature, you're either quick or your dead."

Some of my favorite StrongFirst principles.

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They're defined as "Constantly varied, functional Movement done at high intensity."

What CrossFit has done for the fitness world is unrivaled. I am big fan of the physical culture, the community, and competition.

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Strongman events are movements done in the sport of Strongman. Of course Women compete too!

In my opinion Strongman is the pinnacle of strength sports. I remember the 'WORLDS STRONGEST MAN' was a huge hit on TV when I was a kid.

Strongman is the most functional of strength sports. It is an incredible spectacle, and it has clear, practical carry-over into real life.

Strongman style training includes: sled pushing, car pulls, heavy carries of all types, throwing movements, deadlifts, overhead pressing, and atlas stones.

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Olympic Weightlifting

I am a certified Olympic Weightlifting coach. Olympic Lifters have amazing strength. It takes a lot of courage to throw yourself under a heavy barbell, and that builds character, and can be very rewarding as a personal practice.

This is one of the simplest sports in the whole world. There are only 2 movements and you win if you have the highest "total". 

The downsides are that too much of this type of lifting may have negative impacts on more relevant athletic movements like running, swinging, and throwing. 

Nonetheless, it is a tool in the toolbox and it can be quite fun done as a supplemental practice.


Power Lifting

Power Lifting is the no-nonsense route to getting big and strong. 

There are 3 movements in the sport: Squat, Bench press, and Deadlift.

I prefer to train these movements sparingly as they can also have negative impacts on more relevant athletic functions.

The intent of these movements should be to train them as heavy as possible. Doing this, you will maximize Strength and Power while mitigating the destructive nature of repetitive movement in unnatural patterns. (Evident my the widespread use of joint-protective gear like knee sleeves).


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